Wen-Ji Wang, Associate Professor; Director of Institute

PhD, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, 2002

After doctoral work in history of psychoanalysis at the University of Cambridge (2002), Wen-Ji Wang published articles on early history of psychoanalysis in Europe, leprosy and colonial medicine in Taiwan, and mental hygiene movement in the first half of the 20th century China. He is now working on the book tracing the history of neurotic disorders with their relationship to the rise of psy disciplines—psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis in particular—in Republican China.


Research Interests:

History of Psychiatry since 1800, History of Modern Medicine in Taiwan and China


Medicine and Society

Psychiatry and Modern Society

Critical Studies in Medicine, Science and the Body

Research Issues and Methods in History of Medicine


Tel: +886 (0) 2 28267903 wjwang@ym.edu.tw